We spend many hours (at least 8 hours if we’re lucky!) in bed, getting crucial regenerative hours sleep, so if you want to make a big impact with a single change, mattresses and bedding is a good place to look.  

Do you know what your mattress is made from? Most mattresses are made from petroleum based polyurethane foam, which off-gasses VOCs. If the cotton used is not organic, it’s likely it contains pesticides, and then there are chemical adhesives holding all the layers together.

On top of that, most conventional mattresses are doused in flame-retardant chemicals, and while some known toxins have been phased out (PentaBDE, toxic toliver and nervous system), it’s unclear what chemicals are being used.

Best non toxic materials:

NATURAL LATEX: durable, natural rubber foam made from latex of the rubber tree

ORGANIC COTTON: Look for one that uses Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton that is sustainably sourced

ORGANIC WOOL: not only naturally antimicrobial, wool acts as a natural fire barrier, helping organic mattress companies meet required standards without having to turn to toxic chemicals.

If your mattress is not something you can replace right now, better bedding is a cheaper place to start.

PILLOWS: Skip the conventional memory foam (off gasses VOC’s) and look for pillows stuffed with down (toxin free), or a better cruelty free option is cotton or wool. 

SHEETS: avoid ‘wrinkle free’, these have been treated with a chemical wash that includes formaldehyde. Choose unbleached or environmentally safe dyes and stick to natural fibers that have been sustainably sourced.



COTTON: Look for GOTS, so that not only the growth of the cotton is chemical free, but so is manufacturing. 

LINEN: Produced from flax, they’re durable and soften over time. 

HEMP: naturally hypoallergenic and uses a lot less water in production than other low tox options. 

BAMBOO: made of rayon produced from the cellulose found in bamboo. Look for 100% bamboo lyocell sheets (made using the most sustainable process).



Mattresses & pillows:

Innature Organic fibers and futons

Peacelily GOTS certified

Nature Baby latex or wool bassinet or cot mattresses

Natural Beds online, organic buckwheat hull pillows

Woola NZ sleep products, GOTS certified cotton and latex



Haum certified organic linen (they have 60% off sale right now!)

Natural Origins 100% bamboo sheets 

Isle of Omni organic sheets

Bhumi Organic Cotton sheets and stunning linen Pjs

Hope this was helpful! x