The things that we do on repeat form habits in our lives. Positive or negative, the habits we have, effect our mood, energy, relationships, and overall health. Being intentional about actions we take (and the habits we form) on a daily basis, particularly in the morning, can really influence the course our day will take in a big way.

Because I have a toddler and because life happens, there is flexibility in my routine and I don’t get flustered if I don’t get it all in every day. There needs to be a fluidity to any routine that is set in place, and zero guilt associated with any short hiatus. BUT by designing your day with little routines and rituals, it can help you to feel more balanced, consistent and productive.

The daily rituals you choose are not only an indicator of the quality of your day, but by extension, the quality of your life ~ Eleanore Ozich

Here’s what a normal day looks like for me:

I wake early to my daughter, get her out of bed and off we go to the lounge (to let hubby sleep a little longer) to read books and play. While I prepare her breakfast, I drink 2 glasses of water with a drop of doTERRA lemon essential oil (or the benefits of the limonene and to avoid the acidity of squeezed lemon and the negative impact on teeth). I then brew a plunger of organic coffee and sip this with homemade cashew milk while I do some devotional reading and journaling (whilst also having books shoved in my face periodically). I will often have music playing and always have an uplifting and energizing blend of oils diffusing to set the tone of the day.

Once Hubby is up, I’ll make the bed, get into my workout clothes and organise lunches. If it is a daycare day, I drop Hope and then come back home to go for a run along the beach. If it’s a day she’s at home with me, I’ll do a home-based bodyweight resistance workout in the lounge on the laptop while she tries to copy me and finds it all quite hysterical.

I use my work out time to listen to a podcast or audiobook to get my daily dose of growth and education. I’m loving RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis, HOL:FIT Talks with Ange Peters and Plant Proof with Simon Hill right now.

After I’ve worked out, I have a large smoothie then jump in the shower. I add a drop of peppermint to the base of the shower for a super invigorating experience. I roll Balance oil on the soles of my feet after my shower and I apply my gorgeous homemade anti-aging face serum to moisturise my skin (recipe HERE), as well as using some Rose or Jasmine oil under my eyes and some Salubelle on my laugh lines (aka wrinkles!). I roll some beautiful Cheer blend or Console on my pulse points as my natural non tox pure-fume.

I will then get into a few hours of work. This could be content or recipe creation, photography or blog writing. I try to wait to read my emails until AFTER I have created, and am ready to respond to the world’s demands!

I usually have a big throw-together salad for lunch, featuring some pre-prepared grains, roasted veggies or beans, hummus or salsa, and mixed seeds.

If Hope is at home with me, she naps 12-2pm, so this is when I call my coaching clients or have Zoom meetings with my team. Once Hope wakes, we always go for a walk to the beach in the afternoons. Lexi my boxer dog needs a run and Hope likes to let off steam at the playground (which helps her sleep better too!) before dinner.

After Hope’s in bed, I’ll often sneak in some more work if I need to, but will often chill with hubby and some Netflix and a cup of cacao matcha or chamomile tea.

My nighttime beauty routine consists of cleansing with doTERRA Essential Skin Care Facial Cleanser and applying my homemade anti-aging face serum again (with Frankincense, Lavender, Manuka, Geranium and Ylang ylang) and following that with some Yarrow Pom on my forehead and under eyes.

Once I’m in bed I like to read to help my mind relax. I love to roll a blend of lavender essential oil and fractionated coconut oil on my temples to help my drift off to sleep.

And that’s it ~ what works for me, at this stage of life. It will change and develop as the seasons of life shift, but this collection of my simple rituals keep me on track with my physical health, keep my stress levels down and allow me a little easy pampering throughout my day.

If you’re keen to incorporate some of these beautiful rituals using essential oils into your life, please go here and get started. I can’t wait to support you with them!