Happy New Year beautiful friend!

First off, I want to acknowledge that for some, holidays can be tough. For many of us, for a number of reasons, they can bring sadness, frustration and resentment. I hope that despite the complexities of families over the Christmas/New Year period, you’ve managed to unwind and get some well deserved rest & relaxation!

2018 was such a transitional year for me. It brought the transition from full-time working nurse with some side hustle, to stay at home Mum. The transition to motherhood has been a complete joy. It has been an answered prayer and a deep desire fullfilled. It has changed me, changed my husband, changed our marriage and even changed how we look at the world.

Being at home with Hope all year (which I realise is a huge blessing in itself, that I wasn’t forced to return to work early like so many are) also gave me space to pursue other things that give me joy. I had time to nurture my health coaching business, time to share my love for essential oils, time to continue to be creative in the kitchen and time to build friendships in a new way.

Of course, there’s a different kind of busyness as a mum. There’s also a new kind of selflessness that’s needed, which (despite what all the movies suggest) doesn’t always come naturally or without an internal fight! When making the transition into motherhood and realising my life was no longer just about me and hubby, there was also the occasional sadness of the spontaneity and freedom I had lost (and didn’t appreciate when I had it!).

In 2018, I also learnt I’m not as good at trusting God has things under control as I thought. I’d always prided myself at being fairly level-headed and able to manage stress well (perhaps why I’m suited to emergency work!), but there were some difficult situations in 2018 where I had zero control and became a little ball of stress! Isn’t retrospect a wonderful thing though! I learnt that all of that added worry served NO ONE! Especially not me at the time. Everything worked out in the end and the wasted emotional energy, the sleepless nights and the havoc stress wrecked on my physical body was just complete insanity. Now to remember that lesson for the next time life throws me a curve ball!

So that was 2018. Now I’m looking forward. I love making new years resolutions. There’s a freshness, a newness and excitement for me about looking ahead and I find it a beautiful ritual. I sit down (usually in the early hours of the morning ~ thanks to my teething 1 year old!) with my journal and a hot cup of coffee, and I write.

I set business goals, I set personal growth goals, I set resolutions about relationships, family and my faith.

I have many resolutions for this year, but also like to prayerfully choose a single word to embody the new year. This year the word is EMPOWER.

I want to empower others to live a life of purpose. I want to empower people to take control of their health and use nutrition as a vehicle to feel abundant energy and zeal for life. I want to empower people and create access for people to be able to have more natural solutions for their own health and their whole families health by using essential oils.

So that’s me. How about you?

I know for many, reflection during the New Year can be a time of deep disappointment. When they reflect on the year gone by and see the weight loss or wellness goals they made that fell to the wayside, they feel discouraged and hopeless. I’ve had clients tell me they look at their lives and feel overwhelmed at the enormity of the obstacles ahead. They  deeply want change but they don’t know how to make it happen.

Does this sound like you? If any of this is resonating with you and you too are feeling ready to change but are overwhelmed at where to start or how to make it your reality, then let 2019 be YOUR year!

I’m now taking clients for the new year and would LOVE to work with you to make lasting change in your life. Please get in contact now and lets do this!