Fermentation for Beginners




Get comfortable with all things fermenting with our easy to follow beginners course

  • Learn exactly how to safely prepare Kombucha and Sauerkraut from the comfort of home.
  • Access delicious ways to prepare and use your fermented products – tried and tested by the Symbiota community!
  • Understand the background and positive benefits of fermentation on our guts and minds.
  • Read through commonly asked questions as well as have access to the Symbiota community to get help with your fermentation questions.
  • BONUS: Access an exclusive 15% savings code on your next purchase of any Symbiota fermentation products or courses.


  • Training videos from Amber, the founder of Symbiota
  • Access to our Facebook support community
  • One recipe book
  • A frequently asked questions library with instructions where needed
  • 15% savings on your next purchase bonus



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