Fermenting Crock 7L



Fermenting crocks & fermentation pots are the most effective way to make your own probiotic-rich foods through fermentation.

Ideal for the fermentation of Kimichi, sauerkraut, fermented vegetables or preserving food.

Unique Key Features:

  • Handmade, custom designed and functional
  • Easy to use and make successful ferments
  • Made from pristine white ceramic
  • Fully glazed pots with food-grade non toxic glaze
  • Include a water moat for traditional fermentation process
  • Includes glazed weights for no mould growth
  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • Aesthetically pleasing to complement any kitchen bench
  • Includes a 25 page recipe book and instructions
  • Packaged in eco-friendly & sustainable packaging
  • Includes one-to-one support via email or phone call

The 7L Fermentation pot makes approximately 6-7kgs of fermented produce.

Fermenting crocks/ fermentation pots are the most effective way to make your own probiotic rich foods through fermentation. Our fermentation pots allow for you to ferment you fresh produce safely and confidently. With superior customer service and customer support you will feel supported and confident in your fermentation journey making gut-healthy probiotic rich fermented foods. Fermented foods are important in maintaining a good gut health and improving your gut health.


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