Simply put, essential oils are the way of the future.

I’m often asked why I choose to partner with doTERRA to get oils into homes and my answer is always the same, but not always a short one! Let me try and explain…

With the increased prevalence of antibiotic resistance and the incredible chronic health burden on the medical system, there is suddenly more of a demand for natural health solutions and for a new way to approach health.

Instead of looking for medications to merely control symptoms of chronic disease, there is a move towards preventative medicine, and also towards treating the underlying cause of underlying inflammation (the common cause of most chronic disease) and work with the bodies amazing ability to heal itself.

doTERRA are right there at the forefront of this movement and have the ability to actually change the way health care is delivered. I feel privileged to be a part of this movement towards natural health and honoured to be able to empower people with natural solutions. As Wellness Advocates, I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat any diseases ~ I would never claim I could ‘cure’ anything, but I do open a doorway to another way.

I introduce people to a different approach to health. For example, if I have a headache, upset digestion, trouble sleeping, sore muscles, stress or anxiety, I’ll reach for an essential oil. If I need an instant energy boost, help to stay motivated and on task or need to find some passion, I’ll reach for my oils. If my hormones are a mess, my skin breaks out or I just want to work on some fine lines and blemishes….you guessed it, I’ll reach for my oils. And that’s just me, don’t get me started on how many times a day I reach for oils on behalf of my daughter!

Using essential oils is about turning to pure plant extracts FIRST. It’s not about completely ignoring the western medical system. As an emergency nurse, I know first hand the place acute medicine has in life-saving endeavours.  But the oily lifestyle means using non-toxic, non-synthetic oils to help your body function optimally.


Do they actually work?

In short, yes they do. Essential oils are active at the cellular level of our bodies. Better said, essential oils affect the biochemistry of our cells. Essential oils are lipid soluble, which means they can penetrate the cell and strengthen the entire cellular system, because the interior of the cell is a lipid, or an oil-loving environment. If you enjoy nerding out on the science like me, and want a longer answer to WHY they work, you’ll love looking more into the efficacy of oil here: aromatic science 


The best sourcing methods

DoTERRA do not compromise on their sourcing methods. DoTERRA want to ensure their oils are the purest available, and so they go to the original native environment where the plant grows (instead of growing it in a synthetic environment) and harvest the plant in the right conditions, at the right time, using traditional methods, ensuring a superior oil.

DoTERRA source oils from 40 different countries, 26 of which are developing nations. They are fiercely passionate about ensuring every person in the sourcing chain is being benefitted. DoTERRA are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the small scale farmers, harvesters and distillers. They seek to develop long-term partnerships with communities, and create sustainable jobs and reliable income for families. This awesome video shows you more ~ Pink Pepper Sourcing

Giving back to others is very important to me, which is why I feel so comfortable aligning myself with this company. DoTERRA not only improves the lives of those involved with oil production but also the lives of many others through their charitable organisation called The Healing Hands Foundation.

This Foundation is involved with projects including building and sponsoring existing medical clinics, installing drinking water and irrigation systems, and building schools. They also partner with other organisations doing awesome work such as the Operation Underground Railway. OUR Rescue exists to rescue children from sex trafficking by utilizing some of the world’s experts in extraction operations and anti-child trafficking efforts.

They also partner with Days for Girls. This is an organisation started to educate and provide menstrual care to girls. They are dedicated to shattering stigma and limitations for woman in Africa, India and Brazil. They work to provide every girl in the world the education, safety, and dignity that they deserve through direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits.

Those are merely some of the amazing things that the money we spend on oils goes to support. I feel so good knowing my money is not only helping people through their sourcing initiatives, but also through their ethos of giving.

So that’s why. Why doTERRA.

I feel so proud to be a part of this movement. A movement of empowerment. A movement equipping people with power over their health.

Will you come and join me on this journey?