I saw an article recently by a popular blogger on the things she did every day. People seem to be so fascinated by what others do in their day to day (me included! Why is that?!). Anyway, it got me thinking, why don’t I share some things about myself so you can learn a bit more about me …. but I thought I’d turn it on it’s head share some things I DON’T do.

I don’t always make picture perfect food

Despite what my social media feed may suggest, I do NOT eat Instagram-worthy meals all day! Who has time for that nonsense! And to be honest, some of the most delicious bowls of food ain’t pretty! Some of the most mouthwatering combinations I’ve come across happen by accident after literally dumping fridge leftovers together in a bowl with a yummy dressing. I DO however eat the majority of my meal out of bowls! Plates are pretty for presentation, but there’s something so nourishing and grounding about eating out of a bowl. Perhaps its the ability to really wrap your hands around the food, but it’s probably more about being able to easily combine it all together and meld the flavors together.

I don’t exercise every day…but I do MOVE

Exercise is so important, however, there is so much pressure out there to exercise an hour a day, doing high-intensity interval training, a morning run and don’t forget to incorporate some daily yoga! It can all seem a bit too hard, especially for those with young kiddos or a job that keeps them out of the house for 12 hours a day!

Exercise is fabulous for our physical health and our mental health, and should absolutely be something you strive to incorporate into your day on the daily BUT why not try to change our mindset from exercise to movement?

There’s new research out suggesting the health benefits not of exercise itself but on not being sedentary. Incorporating movement into our lives can be as simple as biking or walking to work, moving on our lunch breaks, walking to pick up the kids or grab some groceries or even suggesting a beach walk instead of a date at a cafe with your girlfriend.

I don’t check social media first thing in the morning

This is a tough one, and it’s something that I don’t always succeed in doing but I’ve found that by NOT reaching for my phone immediately on rising, I have a much better morning! As much as we can try, it’s difficult to look through our social media feeds without an air of comparison. Whether it’s a yummy smoothie bowl making your lackluster porridge look boring or a gorgeous image of a new kitchen renovation reminding you that your funds do not even stretch to replacing your broken blender right now. If we indulge the comparison game, there can be a million ways our own lives do not measure up to the high light reel of social media. By tuning this out in the early hours of each day, I can practice gratitude for my own life, the people in it and my circumstances. By not immediately checking my inbox I can find some pause and peace before launching into responding to other peoples requests of me.

I don’t restrict my caffeine intake every day

This may be a bit controversial, because many nutritionists and health coaches preach a ‘one-a-day’ coffee rule if they even recommend coffee at al. In an ideal world this would probably be the best for most people, especially given the fast-paced lives we lead these days which already hike up our cortisol levels even before we have our cup of liquid gold. But ….. LIFE! If I want a second cup of coffee in the morning I will have it! If i want a coffee after 12pm, I have it. Mind you, if I were one of the unlucky individuals who suffer jitters, anxiety, heart palpitations or difficulty sleeping if they consume too much caffeine, then I would absolutely reconsider my intake. I am lucky to be one of those people who don’t react negatively to caffeine and whose breastfed baby doesn’t seem to be adversely affected either. Perhaps this is due to my many years of working night shifts as a nurse and how fast I metabolise it! I’ll have to do some more research into that….

I don’t drink green smoothies or green juice every day

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good green smoothie, they’re an awesome way to sneak greens into our morning routines. They’re especially great if they’re packed with a healthy source of fat and protein, but I don’t drink them every day because I believe it’s also important to EAT our nutrients, not just drink them. Sometimes by drinking our food, our bodies don’t really register we’ve eaten and we can get hungry again after a shorter duration. When I do have a smoothie, I like to add some crunchy topping to encourage myself to chew more, not simply slurp down the smoothie.

I don’t meditate every day…but I do journal and read

Meditation seems to be all the rage these days, which is funny because it’s a practice that has been around for centuries in different forms within all major religions in the world. Meditation itself can bring many benefits to a persons life, I have no doubt, but sitting contemplatively has never been something a) I’ve mastered (maybe that’s not the point!?), and b) really appealed to me (typical type A personality here!). What I DO do, is journal and read. For years now, I’ve kept a journal. I find it incredibly cathartic writing my prayers; my hopes, my joys, my heartaches and what I’m grateful for. It really helps me process my thoughts, and quite often just writing things down brings answers and clarity I’d not have received otherwise. I also love to read! Usually, it’s a nerdy nutrition book, sometimes a devotional and more recently, parenting books.

I don’t get out of my yoga pants every day

This doesn’t really need much explanation really does it? They’re just darn comfortable and the perfect mum uniform!

I don’t say yes every day

This may sound a bit weird, but I’m trying to learn the power of saying ‘no’. For a lot of my life I’ve said ‘yes’ to every opportunity that has come my way and to every request of my time and energy. On reflection, this was for a number of reasons; fear of missing out, fear of disappointing someone, a search for approval or to appear to have it all together. Recently I did a study of a book called ‘The Best Yes’ by Lysa TerKeurst, and it could not have come at a better time. It made me reflect on my discomfort in saying ‘no’, and become more self-aware of the motivations behind my decisions. That’s not to say I never say ‘yes’ anymore, far from it! It just means I’m being more conscious of my ‘why’ and less instantly reactive when things are asked of me. I’m looking for ‘the best yes’ in all situations these days.

Hope you liked learning a bit more about me! Leave a comment below if any of this resonated with you or just say hey! I love hearing from you guys x