About Nicky


Hi, I’m Nicky and want to welcome you to my little corner of the world. I am a Registered Nurse and qualified accredited Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Coach, mama of one and lover of essential oils.

I enjoy spending time with the people I love, preparing nourishing food and drinking coffee! I am passionate about holistic health and wellness and helping people find balance and vibrancy in all areas of their lives. I want to serve people who desire to completely revolutionise their relationship with health and fitness and empower people to totally ditch the one-size-fits-all diet mentality. I’m so glad you’re here!


A bit about me and my journey.

My passion, like many in this industry, was born out of my own health struggles. Since my early twenties I’ve been interested in health and exercise, however early on, I took it to the extreme (as many young girls do) and outwardly may have looked a picture of health, however inwardly, my restrictive ‘healthy’ eating habits and over exercise, stressed my body and depleted my beautiful female hormones. I was constantly cold, irritable, wasn’t menstruating, was preoccupied with food and going to the gym and not much fun to be around!

It was only after meeting my now husband and having him give me a well overdue wake-up call, that I gained a balanced view of what it means to be healthy. I started to nourish my body with foods that healed and made it thrive (instead of just survive and look good by magazine standards). I started to move less but in a way that made me feel vibrant and full of energy, not fatigued and injury prone. I started to prioritise self-care practices to manage stress (for me this was daily journalling and devotionals, nature and quality time with girlfriends). My journey so far (and it’s an ongoing one!) inspired my passion for helping others reach their own individual view of being nourished and vibrant, without the restriction and deprivation.

I was introduced along the way to DoTERRA essential oils, and now am completely convinced that they are the perfect adjunct for any healthy lifestyle. I adore having natural solutions to reach for, for all common health issues from headaches, digestive discomfort, pain, hormones, emotional support, boosting immunity, skin care, home cleaning and much more.

I now live in Manly, Auckland with my husband, beautiful 16-month-old daughter Hope and my boxer Lexi. Prior to being on maternity leave, I split my time between working in the busy Emergency Department of New Zealand’s only Paediatric Hospital, running our online business LunchBox Inc. and seeing clients one on one.

I believe in a non-diet based approach to health, so say goodbye to weight focussed diets that are just not sustainable! I can help you to tune in to your own body’s innate ability to make healthful choices and eat nourishing foods in appropriate amounts. I provide a supportive, confidential environment to enable the confidence to explore, create vision and to set achievable goals. I focus on individuality, choice, self-responsibility, accountability and education. 

My mission is to empower you not to accept feeling anything other than your best. I want to show you the power that real food, quality sleep, stress management, appropriate movement and spiritual wellbeing can have in transforming your life!

Ready to feel like the best version of you?

I felt listened to and not judged!

My sessions with Nicky were encouraging and positive. I was able to talk freely without feeling judged. We created a long-term vision, which was broken down into smaller obtainable goals to work on each week. It made what seemed impossible, possible! Thank you!


Uncovering the deeper issues

Working with Nicky has been so beneficial for my physical and mental health. I was able to dig deeper into why I had negative lifestyle patterns and work through the barriers that have previously stopped my attempts to create healthier choices. I have so much more energy now to live the life I want!


Just the accountability I needed

Nicky is professional and knowledgeable, without being pushy. I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way. Working alongside Nicky was just the accountability I needed to make permanent changes in my bad habits.