Create a life you love

One of the ways I KNOW to help people break free from financial struggle, to find a tribe of people who are like-minded and want to change lives, and to find true community and experience abundant self-growth… is to introduce the doTERRA business opportunity.

Are you hooked on essential oils and find you’re singing their praises to anyone who will listen?

Are you currently at home and looking for a way to supplement your income?

Are you looking for financial freedom?

Would you like to be part of an awesome supportive group of women passionate about empowering others?

Are you passionate about helping families to find alternative health solutions with natural remedies?


If you answered “heck yes!” to the above, I can pour my time,​ talents and resources into your growth.

I would so love to help you create a life of flexibility and freedom. Working to build a doTERRA business means working from home, on YOUR terms. It allows you to work around the things and the people in life that are the most important to you.

As doTERRA business builders, we are on a mission to share the incredible wisdom of plants, and empower ​families with natural solutions for health and wellbeing. Our work is meaningful, often life-changing to those who use and experience the oils but truly life-altering to those growers and harvesters involved in bringing the oils to us.

If you have been waiting for the right opportunity to come along…..maybe this is it?

doTERRA has been a catalyst to incredible growth in my life and I want the same for you. I believe you deserve to find absolute abundance in all areas of your life, and I am here to help you do just that.

Have a listen to this video overview about the doTERRA business:

 Here’s a quick look at potential earnings within the business structure.

So what happens after I join?

  1. When you purchase your oils HERE you will get a welcome email from me.
  2. We will then arrange to catch up in person and discuss this opportunity more, including your goals and vision for the business.
  3. You will be added to our Holistic Essentials Community and Oil Biz Builders Facebook groups and have access to business training and mentorship.
  4. You will have access to me via text, email and phone.



To get started and build your business, open your own wholesale account, get 25% off retail prices and then we will chat when you have and make some goals for your business vision.